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Bat Broker

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WHAT IS Bat Broker? Bat Broker is a category that offers bat deals to our customers. Used/Demo, Blemished or no warranty bats are offered here for a great price. Each bat description will specify if it come with a warranty or not. Some pictures will represent current condition to the best of our ability. Please be sure to read the description well. There are no rain checks, or substitution offered on these bats. 

1. What is a used/demo bat? These are bats used for demos, whether for a full tournament, a couple hits here and there or simply used. Again, some will have a warranty and some won't. READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS WELL. 

2. What is a blemished bat? A blemished bat or blem is a new bat, still in the wrapper. A cosmetic blem or blemish is when there is a minor paint imperfection somewhere on the bat. There could be a paint discoloration, a paint run, a smudge, logos could be off-center, the stencil outline of the logo could be too low or too high, possible minor paint chip, etc. MOST IMPORTANTLY the integrity of the blemished softball or baseball bat has NOT been compromised. The blem bat will hit to its capacity and here's the best part, you save BIG BUCKS. 

3. What is a No Warranty Bat? These are bat that specifically do not carry a manufacturers warranty. 


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